If an injury or pain is affecting your lifestyle, Move Clinic’s Physiotherapists can help.

We’ll work with you to reduce your pain and stiffness, restore function and mobility and get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

What sets us apart from other physiotherapists is our holistic approach to treating your condition.

At Move Clinic, we don’t just treat your symptoms. We work to determine the underlying cause of your condition. We’ll help you understand what is going on with your body, and why. We’ll then develop a treatment plan that will not only help with your recovery, but also reduce the likelihood of the condition reoccurring.

Our goal is to keep your body pain-free and performing at an optimal level for the long-term.

Issues that we can help you with include:

• Sports and workplace injuries
• Neck pain
• Headaches
• Upper back pain
• Lower Back pain
• Rib pain
• Fractures
• Shoulder problems – Such as arthritic pain, rotator cuff injuries and frozen shoulders
• Hand, wrist and elbow problems – Such as golfers/tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome
• Pelvic, buttock and hip pain – Such as piriformis syndrome, sciatic pain and hip impingements
• Knee problems – Such as ACL and meniscus injuries or anterior knee pain
• Foot pain – Such as plantar fasciitis and ankle sprains (acute and chronic)
• Posture problems
• Pre and post-operative care including orthopaedic rehabilitation, pelvic floor function and urinary continence
• Women’s health issues.

Depending on your individual needs and diagnosis, you can expect your treatment to include any combination of the following:

• Therapeutic exercise (to promote strength in the tissues relevant to your issue)
• Casting, splinting or bracing (when joint or fracture immobilisation is required)
• Stretching (to assist with pain relief and muscular flexibility)
• Dry needling (to assist with pain or tightness resulting from muscular or nervous system overactivity)
• Alignment education (for people involved in very high load or repetitive tasks)
• Massage (for certain types of pain and muscular issues)
• Mobilisation and manipulation (to assist with joint pain, mobility and movement control).